The LAST Lesson: Incorporating Design Influences for Timeless Spaces

27th Jul 2023

Learn from the best - one last time!

Join Professor Brian for his last design lesson! You won't want to miss this one.


Dear students,

This semester I had the chance to journey to the past with you. I hope you learned about the beautiful and intricate way that these past decades influence us today, especially in the world of interior design. Embracing history allows us to infuse our designs with depth, character, and a sense of nostalgia. These Academy Days (28th until the 29th of July) are the last chance to practice what you’ve learned this semester in a specially created space for each decade!

Here’s a summary to help you create the best decade-inspired rooms:

a class summary of design through the decades

Once this semester is over, you’ll be left with all this knowledge… so, what next? By blending elements from different eras, we can create spaces that exude a unique charm, while maintaining a fresh and contemporary appeal. Here are my best tips to bring the past – to the present!

  1. Identify a Central Theme Before You Start Designing: 

Before mixing design influences, start by identifying a central theme or concept that will anchor your Design. Think about what you want to feel when walking into the space, what design inspiration you’d like to use, and only then delve into your bag of design tricks.

  1. Watch Your Balance and Proportion: 

Strive to distribute the various influences evenly throughout the space to avoid overwhelming it with too many conflicting styles. A balanced integration ensures that no era dominates the design, allowing the beauty of each influence to shine through.

  1. Play with Textures and Materials: 

Incorporate reclaimed wood for flooring or furniture pieces, add vintage-inspired textiles with intricate patterns or ornate trimmings, or introduce tactile elements like embossed wallpapers or textured wall panels.

  1. Integrate Retro Colors and Patterns: 

Experiment with bold wallpaper featuring geometric shapes, introduce vibrant hues popular in past eras or incorporate vintage-inspired textiles with distinctive prints.

  1. Focus on Timeless Design Principles: 

Pay attention to the layout, scale, and flow of your space. By ensuring a well-balanced and cohesive design, you can have your cake and eat it too – creating a timeless space that transcends specific styles or eras.

Incorporating past design influences into current interior designs is an art that allows us to create spaces with timeless appeal. By thoughtfully blending elements from different eras, we can achieve a balance between nostalgia and modernity.

Remember to always keep growing and learning!

Professor Brian


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