Boho Inspiration: 5 Tips to Design the Boho Way

01st Aug 2023

Learn all about the Boho design style from the Redecor experts!

Our team has gathered the best tips to make your boho dreams come true! Check it out now.

a beach picnic designed boho style

Are you ready to join Camila on a boho festival of a lifetime? This Season is all about the boho style and mindset, with Camila venturing out of her comfort zone and into a self-discovery journey. Help her understand herself better through the power of design! Bohemian interior design celebrates individuality, creativity, and a carefree lifestyle. What even is bohemian? Here’s an explanation:

Bohemians started out as a counterculture in France after the French Revolution ended in the late 18th century. The Revolution resulted in many artists losing their jobs and being thrust into poverty, compelling them to embrace a nomadic and minimalist way of life. While being uncomfortable at times, this allowed them to escape the stifling social norms of the time, dress more freely and create what they truly wanted without expectations. The “hippies” of the 1960s and 1970s adopted the boho aesthetic, with free-flowing silhouettes and earthy tones, making it popular to this day.

Boho is more than a trend – it’s a way of life. People who live the boho way of life understand that being true to yourself is your first priority. This culture wishes to adopt a free-thinking lifestyle free from society’s restraints and materialism.

With bohemian interior design, you can escape the confines of conformity and embrace a world of artistic expression and free-spirited living.

This article will be your guide to incorporating boho elements into your Designs, creating a captivating and cozy space that reflects your unique personality.

  1. Embracing Natural Elements:

Boho design embraces nature as a core element. Incorporate natural materials like rattan, wicker, jute, and bamboo to add an organic feel to your space. Introduce indoor plants and greenery to bring a refreshing touch of nature indoors.

Here’s a beautiful example our artist team has cooked up to give you inspiration! Multiple light wooden tones fit in together in perfect harmony, complementing the woven baskets. These baskets are not just super trendy – but are also a great way to offer hidden storage to your clients, where they can keep their mess out of sight. The pillows and rugs show how two different patterns can go together well in the same space without getting too busy, as they’re spaced out and have the same tones. Overall, a stunning room with natural touches all around!

an example room with season pass items


  1. A Warm Color Palette:

Experiment with a rich color palette that reflects the bohemian spirit. Earthy tones like terracotta, ochre, and deep greens can be complemented with bold jewel tones like turquoise, fuchsia, and mustard. Play with colorful textiles, rugs, and cushions to infuse the space with energy and warmth.

Here’s a wonderful example of using earthy tones that complement each other while making the space feel modern and airy. The girl in the picture has an incredible deep shade of brown, while the walls are a more mocha color with a hint of a pinkish undertone. This undertone is complemented by the rug, which plays on tones of greys and not just browns. The color of the rug is again reflected in the throw and bedsheets. This is what creates that light and open feel to the room – the bed, books and rugs being lightly colored against the warmer background of the wooden bedframe, floors and wall color. Feeling inspired yet?

a boho styled bedroom


  1. Mix and Match Patterns:

Boho design is all about embracing a mix of patterns. Combine floral prints, geometric shapes, and ethnic patterns to create an eclectic and visually intriguing atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to layer patterns on textiles, curtains, and wallpapers to add depth and character.

Emphasize texture in your boho design by layering different fabrics, such as macramé wall hangings, tapestries, and crochet throws. Introduce a variety of textiles like velvet, linen, and ethnic-inspired fabrics to add depth and tactile interest to the space.

Here’s a great example of mixing and matching to the max while creating a boho atmposphere to the space. Don’t you feel like this room tells a story? The boldness of the printed art on the wall isn’t the only reason you feel that way. The secret lies in the different textures and patterns. The pillows, for example, fit in together perfectly despite having “clashing” patterns. The sage green throw ties in with the light fixtures and the small details on the pillows themselves. It’s important to note that the rug speaks to the softer tones in the wall art while the wooden table speaks to the warmer ones. Everything in this room has been chosen for a reason – and it shows!

a boho styled living room for redecor's boho beauty season


  1. An Informal Vibe:

When it comes to boho interior design, comfort and relaxation take center stage. It’s not that things don’t need to be beautiful – they do, but not at the price of comfort or functionality. We’re losing the tie and going completely informal with this style. Create inviting and relaxed seating areas with plush cushions, floor pillows, and poufs. Incorporate low seating options like ottomans and Moroccan-style floor cushions for a cozy and informal vibe. As stated above, your seating options can feature ethnic patterns or even look antique for that added boho flair.

This beautiful beach scene is utter boho perfection! Low seating options, a mixture of light and warm tones alongside wood and other natural elements, with that earthy color palette are a sure win. Note how the faux leather ottoman fits the color of the flower vase perfectly, while also tying in with the pattern on the rug below. It’s small touches like this that can elevate a Design from “okay” to “just right”.

a beach picnic designed boho style

  1. Vintage and Eclectic Accents as a Reflection of You:

Add vintage finds and eclectic accents to give your boho space a curated and collected look. Incorporate antique furniture, unique art pieces, and decorative objects from different eras and cultures. The key is to create a visual story that reflects your travels, passions, and personal experiences through your design choices. This style is all about being true to you, without being afraid of what society will think. Don’t be afraid to go eclectic and that the things you choose don’t match – that’s the whole charm!

This room looks incredibly personal, despite not having anyone’s family picture in it. It’s the small, clearly hand-chosen details, that turn it into such a cozy space. The vase with decorative leaves is a great boho touch that brings in a hint of nature to any room. Once again, shades of brown are dominant throughout the Design, but not in an overwhelming way. Brown throw, brown vase in the wall art, a light brown pattern in the pillows, the wooden floors… everything ties in together to exude warmth in an understated fashion. This space is a more modern version of the classical boho, showing you can incorporate this design style into your work even if you’re a fan of other styles.

living room boho style 3 D

Are you excited to try your hand at boho? Log into the Redecor app now to give it a try! Let your imagination soar, embrace the bohemian spirit, and transform your spaces into a sanctuary that nurtures your soul and celebrates your unique style.

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