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The Scholars’ Quest Explained: Your Potions Await!

03rd Oct 2023

Have you met The Scientist?

Collect potions and earn rewards on this thrilling quest!

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Welcome, Scholar! Get ready to join the adventure alongside The Scientist! Collect potions by choosing the correct color when designing – with each potion promising a valuable superpower to help you along in the game. How does it work exactly? We’re here to explain!

The potions will be waiting for you in different Season Pass Designs. Inside the brief will be a riddle, suggesting what color you should color the potion. You have all of your redesigns to try and get the answer right! You can also consult on the Facebook group, The Redecor Official Community, beforehand if you want to make sure you’ve got the right answer.

Here’s an example of a riddle that will not be showing up on the Designs, just to help you understand what the riddles may look like: I am bright and sunny, sometimes mellow, you may know me by the name of…

And the answer is: YELLOW!

The superpowers each potion will bring will be a special bonus that will help you in your next Designs, as well as a design tip in the Modern Dark style.

Here are some answers to common questions you might have:

How many potions are there?

6 potions.

Will every Season Pass Design have a potion without fail?

No, the potions will appear in random Season Pass Designs throughout the Season.

Will the potions be hidden or just waiting in plain sight?

Plain sight! It’s going to be easy to see the potions. You should focus your efforts on getting the color right!

What happens if I get the color right? How will I know?

You’ll get a pop up from us telling you that you got it right, along with a design tip focusing on the Modern Dark Academia aesthetic.

If you get it wrong, you’ll get a different pop up encouraging you to try again.

What if I need an extra hint?

Redecorators in the Redecor Official Community group on Facebook will get extra hints throughout the Season! Want to join the group and get them too? Here’s a link to join!

If you have any questions at all, our Support Team will be more than happy to assist you! You can reach out to them by logging in to your profile, tapping on the settings icon, then clicking Support.

May you find all the potions and become the world’s greatest Redecorator!

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