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All About the New Premium Membership!

03rd Oct 2023

Go Premium!

Amazing benefits and advantages await!

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We have exciting news, Redecorators! Redecor is offering a first-of-its-kind Premium membership, with incredible benefits to give you the edge you need.

Let’s dive in and explain a bit more!

The Premium membership includes the Season Pass, with all its rewards and beautiful Items. There is no need to purchase the Season Pass separately! It’s already part of the deal.

You will also get to keep your Designer Status for the entire month. No declining, just enjoying all the great benefits from your Status all month long.

You’ll also get access to Items from higher Statuses! Featured Items not included. Choose what you’d like to design without having to worry about your current Design Status limiting you!

Early access to new Journal Pages that will be released throughout the month is part of the package as well! Check out the new Pages before anyone else and get a head start.

One of the best parts of the Premium membership is access to a beloved feature – Rotate & Scale, as well as 10 uses each. The rotate and scale feature is a feature in the Redecor game meant to enhance your designing experience. With this feature, you can select Design Items and resize them according to your liking inside the rooms you’re designing, as well as rotate and flip them in different directions. This can give any Item a whole new look! If you want to learn more about using the Rotate & Scale feature, we have an entire explanation on our FAQ page right here.

For any further questions, contact our Support Team as they would love to help!

Go Premium and enjoy all these great benefits now!

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