Top Challenges of 2022

06th Jan 2023

Welcome to the Greatest Hits Day!

Today is all about celebrating what our Redecorators loved most from last year. It's your chance to gain access to the most popular challenges and materials of 2022, along with most entered challenges, most redesigned rooms and more

Best of

Let’s take a look at a few favorites of 2022 and then head to Redecor to experience these highly sought-after designs for yourself!

And there just might be a surprise hidden in this blog… something we’re sure you’ll love. Keep reading to find out what it is!

Let’s get into the top challenges of 2022!

1. “By the Maldives” Challenge

Maldives Room


The “By the Maldives” Challenge will transport you to the beautiful Maldives! It was a total hit during the Luxurious Love Season in February 2022. We really loved your sophisticated designs for this challenge. You were asked to help a writer from NYC bring the relaxation and tranquility of the Maldives to her space. Don’t miss your chance to bring those beach vibes to life, again!

2. “Go-To Color Palette” Challenge

Counter Room

Get ready to take on one of 2022’s top challenges- the “Go-To Color Palette” Challenge! This fan-favorite made its debut during our March 2022 African Adventure Season and your designs knocked it out of the park. The challenge tasked you with decorating a bedroom dresser in your favorite color palette- a chance to truly show off your style. What color palette will you choose today?!


3. “Uber Unique” Challenge

Uber Challenge

The “Uber Unique” Challenge was a 2022 fan-favorite for a reason it’s chic, trendy, and modern! This challenge, which debuted during our Eco Scandi Season in April 2022, asked you to tap into your creativity to make something totally unique. We saw some truly self-expressive designs. We know you have what it takes to come up with something equally as unique today at Redecor!

4. “Lotte’s Dinner Party” Challenge

Lottes Dinner

The “Lotte’s Dinner Party” Challenge was a hit during our Wellness Retreat Season in August 2022, because, well, who doesn’t love a dinner party?! You came through with some truly lovely designs for her, and now it’s your chance to see if you can top yourself.


So for all of you paying attention, there is one more challenge that we want to present, but you can only gain access to it with the following code! Place the code Q4DL-BAKQ into the “Redeem a Code” section on the Redecor app. Scroll down through all of the challenges to find where to put it in and get ready to show off your skills. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And there you have it- the top challenges of 2022, as chosen by YOU. These designs were a hit last year, and we know you’ll love them just as much this time around. Head to Redecor to give them a try and share your spectacular designs on our social media channels. Happy Greatest Hits Day, Redecorators!

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