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Turn Jingle Bells Into Wedding Bells: Plan a Winter Wonderland Wedding!

27th Dec 2023

All about the Wonderland Wedding!

Complete all the wedding preparations to get a special reward

a couple hugging after saying yes to a porposal in their living room

Noah and Laura have been dating for the last three years. It came as no surprise to anyone when Noah finally popped the question! What WAS a surprise was Laura’s dream to get married on New Year’s Eve. Three days to plan a wedding?! With the help of a few talented Redecorators everything is possible! 

Help get Noah and Laura down the aisle in time for New Year’s Eve – without compromising one bit of the style they’d been hoping for! Winter Wonderland is a gorgeous wedding theme, and you can expect to create some incredible Designs during this event. But that’s not all… 

Complete all the wedding preparations and receive a special reward! 

The tasks are: design 3 different venues, 3 different wedding dresses and 3 different wedding cakes. Vote for your favorite choice out of the three once you’re done, and the reward is yours! 

You can find your daily wedding task in the Redecor app under the title “Wonderland Wedding”. 

 Turn those wedding bells into jingle bells and let’s get ready to plan a wedding!

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