5 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

27th Oct 2022

It’s the most spook-tacular time of year and we are living for it at Redecor!

Halloween is of course about witches, ghosts, goblins and all things eerie and scary, but it’s also about the welcoming of Fall, back to school, delicious treats and feeling warm and cozy inside as the air starts to turn crisp.

Decorating your space for the holidays can be so much fun, so we developed 5 ways to decorate your home for Halloween. Your home will remain yours, but with a bit of a Halloween twist. 

Tip 1: Enjoy With Festive Colors

The classic colors of Halloween are of course orange and black. If you’re feeling you want to go in the totally classic Halloween direction, try to add some accents in your home that are orange and black. Orange and black taper candles, or an orange and black wreath can totally set the mood.

If you aren’t feeling like going in the typical direction, well then choose another color. Halloween is also synonymous with fall, so how about some rich red decorations, or an all white palette? If you use Halloween related materials like pumpkins, and paint them in your color of choice, well to us, this is totally festive. 


Tip 2: Gather Fall Themed Items

Halloween is not only about casting spells, but it’s also about feeling cozy within your home. Gather some fall-themed items and perhaps pair them with 1 or 2 Halloween-themed items. We’re thinking of a centerpiece on your table of a gorgeous bouquet of Fall flowers with a pile of gourds. Add in some crisp Autumn leaves from outside. If you want to add more Halloween to the mix, the vase for the flowers could be a skeleton head.

It really depends on how Halloween you want to go. For some, the more overt the better, and for others, simply having some orange flowers is more than enough to say Happy Halloween! 


Tip 3: Pumpkins, obviously!

Pumpkins bring the vibe of Halloween, Fall, and festiveness all at once. And they’re such versatile decor items! Use as many as you want in any shape and size that you want. Our suggestion is to go to your local pumpkin patch or wherever you can buy pumpkins and find some that resonate with you. Maybe it’s 3 big ones that you’ll carve for your porch or 12 of those small ones to put around the house. You can carve them, paint them, or leave them as is.

You can combine them with other Halloween or Fall items, depending on your personal style.


Tip 4: Make it Tasty With Treats

So other than witches, ghouls, goblins, and all things scary, treats are one of the most important aspects of Halloween! And treats can totally act as decor, too. Find a serving platter that feels festive to you and arrange some homemade (or store-bought, we don’t judge) treats on top. Not into baked goods? Orange slices can be totally festive, as well.

If you’re into candy, now is your time to shine! Halloween candy such as candy corn is festive looking (and delicious) and can act as great decor pieces. Fill bowls with candy corns, lollipops, or whatever your vice is, and set them on tables for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Tip 5: Go DIY Crazy

If ever there was a holiday to bring out the hot glue gun, well now is the time. Choose the theme you want your home to be in- is it spooky? Or more Fall related? Or perhaps something in between? Then think of what type of items fit within this theme. If you’re going more spooky, how about creating your very own witch’s hat that can act as a centerpiece? If you’re into Fall, how about arranging some orange and black painted sticks into an art piece?

There are so many resources online to search for your favorite DIYs. The sky is truly the limit, it’s just important to stick to your theme.

We hope this article helped you get inspired to decorate your home for one of our absolute favorite holidays! At Redecor we’re also getting themed-up and will offer 1 Halloween-inspired challenge per day from now up to October 31st. Use these challenges as inspiration! We’d love to hear more about how you love to decorate your fa-boo-lous home! Check out our social media channels to share & learn more.


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