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All About the Redecor Halloween Decorating Tournament!

25th Oct 2023

Get the Halloween fun started!

Learn all about the new competition and help your team win!

glowing levitating pumpkin picture

Happy Halloween, Redecorators!  

Some of the most exciting and iconic decorations belong to this fun holiday – so why not turn it into a Halloween decoration tournament?!  

For the first time EVER on Redecor, every Redecorator will be sorted into 1 of 4 Teams. Team Pumpkin Platoon (gourd vibes only!), Team Lollipop Legends (watch out for their sweet designs!), Team Ghostbusters (they’ve got the spirit!), and Team Candlelight Champions (they can light up any room they design!). 

You’ll receive a pop up telling you which team you’re on by the 26th, as well as an inbox message with your team on it. 

The contest will begin at 09:00 AM UTC on the 26th and end on the 30th at 10:00 AM UTC. The team with the most Designs by the 30th will be crowned the winner and receive a spooktacular prize! A beautiful surprise box and 10K Coins. Incredible! 

You have 4 days to rally together and create as many Designs as you can to get your team to win! 

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work… and so do Designs! 

Want to reach out and find your team members? Start a conversation on the Facebook group, the Redecor Official Community, and meet everyone! 

Have a wonderful and spooky Halloween filled with beautiful décor! 





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