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All the Magic You Can Look Forward to in the Fairytale Chic Season!

01st Feb 2024

Prepare for a Season filled with magic!

Check out all the enchanting events waiting for you this Season!

Once Upon a Time is now! Embark on a journey through the most dreamy, romantic, and beautiful Designs as we dive into the enchanting world of Fairytale Chic!

This Season, give a warm welcome to special guest Tia Mowry, as she joins us all month long to celebrate Black History Month! Discover rooms inspired by her interests, including cooking, art, fashion, animals, and more! Plus, in the exclusive event ‘At Home with Tia Mowry,’ showcase your skills by designing Tia’s real-life home.

But that’s not all—this Season is packed with surprises! Let’s delve into the special events awaiting you.

This Season Pass follows Princess Aria on her quest to reverse an unexpected spell that turned her charming prince, Ayden, into a FROG. She needs your help to create a cure in time for the Grand Ball – can you help?! Follow Princess Aria and Prince Ayden as they collect the ingredients, choose how YOU want to continue the story at the end of their Season Pass Designs, and receive an enchanting reward from the royal couple if you can help them lift the curse! Learn more about this magical quest here.

First, let’s get ready for some classic bookish fun! The magic of storytelling comes alive this Season with ‘Storybook Magic’. Design rooms inspired by iconic princesses and characters, bringing timeless tales to life!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, join us in celebrating ‘Wishful Fantasies.’ Explore the most popular fantasies people have in a journey that redefines the meaning of romance. Each room will be a representation of these cherished fantasies, making this event a celebration of love and imagination. The magic of Valentine’s continues with the addition of Revlon to the Redecor family! For the first time ever, Design with exclusive shades from the all-new Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection. Let your creativity shine, making a bold statement in every room.

Next, let your imagination run wild with ‘Fairytale Companions’. Celebrate our most beloved magical friends by designing rooms inspired by these cherished characters.

And finally, you’re cordially invited to the Grand Ball as our enchanting Season draws to a close! Immerse yourself in the preparations, from designing exquisite ball gowns to creating grand halls that will set the stage for an unforgettable experience

This Season is one for the books. We hope you have a truly magical time, Redecorators!

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