Day of the Tropics: A Redecor and Dots.Eco Collaboration!

29th Jun 2023

Celebrate Day of the Tropics with us by helping to preserve wildlife habitat!

Your Designs make a difference! Create beautiful Designs with the Limited Edition Item to make a special donation.

Preserving Wildlife Habitat with Redecor and Dots.Eco: Design for a Cause!

At Redecor, we believe that design has the power to make a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Dots.Eco, an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife habitat and creating a sustainable future. Together, we’re giving you the opportunity to make a difference while indulging in your passion for design. Read on to discover how you can join this meaningful initiative.

Toucan tropical bird sitting on a tree branch in natural wildlife environment in rainforest jungle. High quality photo

Majestic Monstera: A Catalyst for Change 

We’re introducing a special Limited Edition Item – Majestic Monstera – in collaboration with Dots.Eco. By purchasing this exclusive Item, you not only enhance your design repertoire but also contribute directly to the preservation of wildlife habitat. It’s a win-win situation where your creativity and compassion go hand in hand.

Using the Limited Edition Item: Designing for Impact 

Once you have the Limited Edition Item, Majestic Monstera, the real magic begins. Incorporate it into two of your designs to unlock the full potential of your contribution. As you create stunning spaces with this unique Item, you’re actively supporting the preservation of 100 square feet of precious wildlife habitat.

Majestic Monstera limited edition item from Redecor

Certificate of Preservation: Proudly Display Your Impact 

As a token of our gratitude, you will receive a certificate from Eco Dots to commemorate your involvement in preserving wildlife habitat. This certificate serves as a reminder of the positive change you’ve brought about through your designs. Proudly display it and inspire others to join the cause.

Dots.Eco: Making a Difference

Dots.Eco is committed to various conservation projects aimed at safeguarding wildlife habitats. Their initiatives range from creating reserves and protected areas to engaging local communities in the protection and preservation of natural habitats. Additionally, they focus on restoring degraded areas, breathing new life into them and providing vital spaces for wildlife to thrive. This isn’t the first time Redecor has decided to collaborate with this incredible organization! You can read about some of our past projects together here.

Jungle waterfall cascade in tropical rainforest with rock and tu

Dots.Eco work on projects around the world. Want to know where you made an impact? Here are some of the initiatives we’ll be focusing on this Day of the Tropics:

Restoring Land Through Sustainable Agroforestry in Apuí, Brazil: This project focuses on delivering sustainable and profitable agroforestry and cattle farming to recover degraded land and avoid further deforestation. The long-term goal is to restore 3200 hectares of degraded pasture through regenerative agriculture and avoid the deforestation of around 1800 hectares.

Restoring Tietê River Forest: Sustainable Approaches in Tietê, Brazil: This project aims to restore the forest on the edges of the Tietê River and its tributaries with native species. By protecting water bodies from soil siltation and reducing herbicide usage, the project serves as a testing ground for restoration approaches that promote sustainability.

Protecting Amazon’s Biodiversity and Culture in Yurua, Peru: The Yurúa Conservation Concession seeks to conserve forest cover, protect the headwaters of basins and tributaries, and manage forest resources sustainably. This project also focuses on preserving the cultural legacy of indigenous communities in the area.

Protecting Indigenous Communities: Imira Conservation in the Regional Conservation Area of Imiria, Peru: The Imiría Regional Conservation Area aims to regain community control of resources and maintain protection while improving the quality of life for indigenous populations. It includes initiatives such as georeferencing maps, supporting community surveillance committees, and developing fisheries management plans.

Pui Pui Protection Forest in Pui Pui Protection Forest, Peru: The Pui Pui Protection Forest protects the hydrographic basin of several rivers and aims to guarantee the normal water supply for agricultural use and human consumption in the Chanchamayo valleys. The project focuses on land use change reduction, improvement of production systems, and implementation of payment for ecosystem services.

Save the Brazilian Amazon: This project aims to protect 2,262,878 acres in the states of Amazonas and Pará in the Brazilian Amazon, recognizing the land tenure of traditional communities and their role in managing the lands.

Create a Sanctuary for Sea Turtles in Colombia in Chocó, Colombia: This initiative aims to extend the protection of the Fauna Acandí Playón y Playona Wildlife Sanctuary to provide a safe habitat for hawksbill sea turtles, leatherback sea turtles, and other marine life.

Save an Island Forest for Lemurs in Madagascar in Beampingaratsy, Madagascar: This project seeks to protect the Vohimana Experimental Reserve, home to endangered species like the diademed sifaka lemur and indri lemur. Elevating the reserve’s status to a National Protected Area will enhance conservation efforts and preserve critical forest areas.

Save 3.8 Million Acres of the Peruvian Amazon in Loreto, Peru: This project aims to protect 3,825,000 acres of rainforest habitat in the Loreto region. By supporting Indigenous communities in securing land tenure and management rights, the project ensures the long-term preservation of this vital ecosystem.

Note: For more information on Dots.Eco and their conservation efforts, please visit their website and discover the incredible work they are doing to protect our planet’s precious wildlife habitats.


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