My Design Journal: Unleash Your Creativity, Collect Hearts, and Earn Exclusive Journal Items! 

26th Jul 2023

Learn all about the Design Journal!

The newest way to create stunning Designs. Design at your own pace, win Hearts and enjoy!

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Are you ready to redefine your Redecor experience? 

Step into the world of design styles and themes with the Design Journal where you can unleash your creativity, Collect Hearts, and earn Milestone rewards – including exclusive Journal Items. Let’s open the Journal and dive right in! 

Within the Design Journal, each page presents up to 20 beautiful designs, centered around a specific style or theme for you to explore. 

 Explore a wide range of possibilities and immerse yourself in the world of design. To enhance your experience our team has provided valuable tips and techniques within each page, guiding you through the intricacies of every design style or theme. Once you’ve completed all the designs on a page, you can move forward and delve into the next one. 

But that’s not all! The Design Journal introduces Journal Items, beautifully crafted new Design Items that become yours to keep and use anywhere on Redecor, regardless of your Designer Status level. Whether in the Live section or the Journal, these exclusive Items are at your disposal to elevate your designs. What makes Journal Items truly special is that they are the missing pieces to some of the existing Redecor Collections. By winning these Journal Items, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your favorite inventory Collections once and for all. 

What’s a journal without some fun stickers? The Design Journal’s rating system is based on Heart stickers. The more votes you receive, the more Hearts you collect—up to three Hearts per design. Three Hearts is the top score you can achieve on a Design. the Live Designs, where rankings are limited to one player getting 1st place, the Journal allows multiple Designs to collect three Hearts based on the number of votes received. Let your creativity shine, and watch your Hearts multiply! 

Collecting Hearts plays a significant role in earning rewards. Each Page in the Journal has its own progress bar, indicating your proximity to the next Page Milestone, and the prize it brings! By accumulating Hearts, you move towards each Milestone that grows increasingly rewarding as you progress through the Pages. Milestone rewards are exclusive for each Page. Already on Page 3 and want to get more Page Milestone rewards from Page 2? You can always scroll up and redesign previous Pages until you reach the maximum rewards for the Page, as indicated by your progress bar. 

progress bar in the design journal

Look out for the purple crown ribbon, which signifies a Skilled Design. In these unique Designs, our Redecor artists have thoughtfully selected a preselected Item for you to work with. This Item perfectly complements the room and presents an exciting opportunity for you to create a Design centered around it. While the selected Item will already be placed in the room, your task is to curate the remaining hotspots, adding your personal touch to complete the Design.  

In the Skilled Designs you can find Design Notes created by the Redecor artists – these are tips and techniques on how to use the preselected Item they’ve chosen for you in the best way. 

Get ready to showcase your skills and let your creativity shine in these inspiring Skilled Designs! 

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Publishing your Designs in the Journal also helps you advance in the Season Pass by earning XP. Feel free to redesign and aim for the maximum number of Hearts for each Design, pushing your creative boundaries. You can redesign as much as you need until you reach 3 Hearts, which is the top rating a Design can get. 3 Hearts are a perfect score! Once you’ve reached 3 Hearts, redesigning is no longer available for that specific Design.  A perfect score is equated to a Win, and thus will propel you closer to your next Designer Status advancement. 

Similar to Live Designs, your voting results will be available after three hours. The progress bar will fill up with the Hearts you’ve received and bring you closer to your Milestone rewards. But what about Voting Milestones? 

To reach a Voting Milestone, you must actively participate in voting. Every few designs you’ll be prompted to vote for other Redecorator’s designs within your own page. By engaging in voting, you not only draw inspiration from fellow designers but also receive an immediate reward of three Hearts upon completing the voting process. 

voting milestone inapp screen

Remember, all your remarkable Designs, both in the Journal and Live, can be found in your profile. In the Live Designs your Designs are sorted based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings, while in the Journal Designs they are organized by the number of Hearts received. 

So, grab your virtual pencil, design your way to success in the Design Journal, and collect those coveted Journal Items. Unleash your creativity, collect Hearts, complete Collections, and let your designs speak volumes about your passion for interior design. Happy designing, Redecorators!


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